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When it comes to life safety systems for your facility, you want a licensed professional.  Berkeley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning is a licensed fire and life safety contractor in the state of California.  Our services includes design, fabrication, installation, construction, testing, servicing, and commissioning fire sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, kitchen fire suppression systems, and kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning.  Our work is compliant with the National Fire Prevention Association as well as the State of California.  If you need fire protection services in Berkeley, you have come to the right place.


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As part of the Berkley community, our team is proud to serve business and home owners in and around this area! Each and every member of our team of trained and licensed technicians is ready to help assist you in keeping your business and home protected in the event of a fire or other accident. Not only do we help you keep your physical building safe but Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning is here to give you peace of mind! 

In addition to the intangible, we make sure your business and fire sprinkler or protection system is in compliance with any local or federal regulations. We keep track of these so you don’t have to! And our 24/7 service is here to help you out no matter what time of day you need us. 

Our Services

When it comes to anything related to fire protection, we’ve got you covered! Everything from installation, maintenance, repairs, design, or inspections are well within our expertise and we’re ready to make sure you’ve got things covered for your business or home. To get started, give us a call at Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning today! 

Fire Protection

Protecting your home and business is one of your top priorities and we provide the best in all those fire protection services including: 

  • Kitchen sprinkler services 
  • Kitchen fire suppression systems 
  • Fire extinguisher services 

Kitchen Sprinkler Services

Your kitchen is a hot spot, literally, when it comes to fires that may break out in your home or business! To keep those fires from spreading throughout the rest of your home, you’ll want to have a kitchen sprinkler system that you can rely on. 

As the temperature in the room rises when and if a fire breaks out, the sprinklers will be triggered and will disperse water or chemical retardant to keep the fire from spreading. At the same time, an alarm sounds and notifies the Berkley fire department to send trucks to your location. 

Instead of simply hoping that the sprinkler system will work as intended when an emergency happens, our team can ensure your system is in compliance with all standards and repair anything so you never have to wonder! 

Fire Sprinkler Services with Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning 

Our team is just a phone call away and ready to help you with: 

  • Installations 
  • Repairs 
  • Inspections and testing 

Fire Sprinkler System Installation 

Installing a sprinkler system in your business or home is not something you want to try to do on your own. Our team at Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning is prepared to help you from start to finish on any of your fire sprinkler system installations! 

We spend time with you at the site to make sure we’re working within your budget, planning for every possibility, and fully integrating with your existing systems! 

Fire Sprinkler Repair Systems 

There’s a good chance you won’t use your fire sprinkler on a regular basis and while this is a good thing in the long run, if your sprinklers are not maintained or repaired they can fall prey to corrosion fairly quickly. As these pieces and components need to be replaced, our team can tackle the project and make sure you can rely on your system if a fire occurs! 

Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning is just a phone call away for all of your repairs or maintenance needs! 

Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Testing 

Every fire or sprinkler system needs to be tested on a regular basis and our team is ready to work with you to get on a schedule that meets your needs! Each inspection and testing schedule is custom-made for your business or home so your own timetable won’t be disrupted. 

Staying on top of a repair and maintenance schedule is the best way to ensure your system works when an emergency happens. We also work with you to repair or deal with extinguishers, fire pumps, backflows, alarms, and more! 

Whether you need scheduled, annual, or 5-year testing for your fire sprinkler system Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning can get the job done! 

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

A kitchen is a wonderful thing but if there’s anywhere that may spark a fire, this is the place. Overheated oil or stove malfunctions can quickly turn your fancy dinner into an emergency! All commercial kitchens are required to have a kitchen suppression system installed and maintained and our team is ready to make sure your system is up to the standard. 

Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning is certified, licensed, and experienced in this area of work and we’re ready to make sure your kitchen is running at maximum capacity with the best fire suppression system installed! 

Fire Suppression System Services 

Your kitchen is the heart of your food service business and that means you need to keep operating without delay. Our team works with you to create a schedule for installation, repairs, and inspection of your fire suppression system that won’t disrupt the flow of traffic! 

In addition to these custom schedules, we also have 24/7 emergency services if you’ve recently experienced a fire and need to get things back on track! 

Complete Kitchen Hood Suppression Installation 

A kitchen hood suppression system is vital to the health and safety of your commercial kitchen. Each situation and kitchen is unique so Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning specializes in creating a solution that suits your needs! 

Whether you need a quick recharge of your system or you need the entire thing redone or installed, our team can take care of it all! 

Kitchen Fire Suppression Inspection 

Inspections can be a pain and throw off the rhythm of your restaurant but they are a requirement for any commercial kitchen and can end up saving you thousands later on. Our team works with you to create the perfect schedule to keep your inspections from interrupting your day. 

All of our kitchen hood suppression inspections include: 

  • Visual inspection of installed components 
  • Internal inspection of non-pressurized tanks 
  • Secured piping 
  • Nozzle cleaning 
  • Inspection of pressurized cylinder gauges and up-to-date hydrostatic tests 
  • Testing of remote pull station and auto actuation cycles 
  • Verification of electricity and gas cutoff 
  • Replacement of components as needed 
  • Testing of electrical interlocks 
  • Comprehensive reporting and recording of deficiencies 

Whatever kind of inspection your system may need, our team can get the job done at Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning! 

Contact Us Today! 

Large or small, old or new, your fire suppression system should be installed correctly and checked on a regular basis to ensure your peace of mind. Don’t leave your operating system up to chance, get the experts on the case with Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning! Give us a call today to get started with your system! 

Fire Extinguisher Services

Most of the time, your fire extinguisher will gather a little dust throughout the year as you operate safely and have no incidents in your commercial kitchen. But should the need arise where you’d want and need a fire extinguisher, having it charged, ready, and waiting is the best defense against greater loss! 

Any type of fire from grease fires to electrical ones can be tackled with a well-maintained fire extinguisher. Being able to take on this fire at its source can save you thousands of dollars in lost revenue and property! 

In addition to protecting your business and investment, your fire extinguishers need to be charged and ready to stay in compliance with local fire regulations. Our team at Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning knows and understands how to keep your business in line with regulations and safe from fires! Let us take the guess work out of your fire protection and keep things up to date for you! 

Fire Extinguisher Services 

While fire extinguishers may begin to feel like part of the décor in your commercial kitchen, they’re required, by law, to be installed and maintained in any food service business! This works to help prevent damage or personal injury to yourself or your employees. 

To help aid in this endeavor, Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning offers these fire extinguisher services: 

  • New and used fire extinguisher sales 
  • Fire extinguisher servicing and recharge 
  • Fire extinguisher inspections 

Fire Extinguisher Sales 

Fire extinguishers can be expensive and when you’re looking for one the cost may make you weak at the knees. Our team at Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning offers new and used fire extinguishers as well as a variety of types to work within your budget and contingency plan! 

Fire extinguishers we offer: 

  • ABC dry chemical 
  • BC dry chemical 
  • Class K 
  • Halon/Halotron 
  • CO2 
  • Class D 

All of these new and used fire extinguishers are available from 2.5 pounds up to 20 pounds in portable, wheel, and fixed-unite types. 

Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Recharge 

Even fire extinguishers have an expiration date and when they reach that date or have been used or tampered with, it’s time to call in Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning to service and recharge them! To make sure your business is safe in the future, periodic recharging is required. Some fire extinguishers may also need more extensive servicing which includes disassembling, replacing, cleaning, and testing the entire thing before putting it back together. 

Taking time out of your busy day or week to deliver fire extinguishers to our shop is a hassle. Instead, we come to you! We’ll recharge and refill your fire extinguishers wherever you are so you can continue on with your business. 

Fire Extinguisher Inspection 

Inspections can feel like a waste of time and money but these annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly check-ups keep your fire extinguishers in tip-top shape if you ever need them. We work with you to create a custom plan that caters to your timeline and overall needs! 

After each inspection, our team members put a tag on your fire extinguisher that shows each one was inspected and tested to be in compliance with all local and state codes. If your fire extinguisher doesn’t pass the test, we’ll get rid of it for you! 

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Your fire extinguisher may not be a day-to-day tool but it’s a vital piece of equipment in an emergency. Keeping it up to date with codes, recharged and ready for action, and easily accessible is crucial if your commercial kitchen should experience a fire. 

Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning is ready to step in and help you make sure your business is well-protected! Our team is just a phone call away for your routine or emergency fire protection needs! Give us a call today to get started. 

Hood Cleaning

The hood in your commercial kitchen does a lot of heavy lifting for your business. Massive amounts of smoke, oil, and grease are pulled out of the kitchen safely and spirited away by your kitchen hood. Over time, however, this oil and grease can build up and begin to cause problems. Don’t let it get that far and give our team a call instead! 

Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning is ready when you need us to offer excellent customer service for all your hood cleaning needs. Leave the dirty work of cleaning out your kitchen hood to our experts and let us create a cleaning schedule that works for you! 

Contact Us Today! 

Your hood does a lot of work for your kitchen and every now and then it should be pampered! Our team of hood cleaning technicians can create a custom cleaning schedule that works in your off –peak hours to get the job done without disrupting the flow of traffic. Whether you have a restaurant or a coffee house kitchen, let Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning do the dirty work for you! 

Industries We Work With

While commercial kitchens may seem like Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning’s bread and butter, we work with all different types of businesses and homes to create a safe working and living environment! 

  • Restaurants 
  • Country clubs 
  • Construction, contractors, and builders 
  • Light and heavy industrial sites 
  • Storage facilities 
  • Retail businesses 
  • Residential properties 
  • Offices 
  • Shopping centers 
  • Hospitality 
  • Government and civil buildings 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Education 
  • Marine 

Why Choose Us

There are dozens of different fire protection businesses available in and around Berkley and choosing one to protect your business or home can be a challenge. Narrowing down your choices comes down to the way a company treats you and we make sure to take care of you and your business in every way possible! 

Safe Environment for Staff and Customers 

As we work, we develop and create a safe working environment so your staff can feel secure each and every day. By creating a custom plan, your staff and our customers can be safe and secure when they come to work! 

Attention to Detail 

When you’re protecting your business you want to make sure you leave no stone unturned. Our team works with you to make sure every detail of your fire protection plan is in place so you can rest easy! 


Contracting can be unreliable with teams of technicians giving wild estimates of hours and not even showing up at times. Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning shows up on time, every time! We work with your schedule to finish inspections, maintenance, and cleaning to stay out of your way during your busiest hours. 


Just like we work with your schedule, we’ll work within your budget to make sure you have peace of mind for fire protection in your business! Getting everything in line can be expensive but Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning is here to work with you. Every budget is different and our unique and customized plans keep that in mind. 

Simplified Compliance 

Building and health codes can feel complicated to understand and implement especially if you’re trying to get it all done on your own. We know these codes and regulations inside and out so you don’t have to! As we do inspections and maintenance, we ensure you comply with state, local, and federal regulations so you can skip the confusing codes and stick to what you know best! 

Exceptional Customer Service 

Technicians and contractors showing up on your doorstep can feel impersonal and strange as you’re trying to conduct business. Our team takes the time to get to know you and provide excellent customer service from initial visit to final inspection! Our customers are our highest priority and we strive to make that the forefront of our customer service perspective each time we come to your business or home! 

Minimal Downtime 

Every minute your kitchen or business isn’t up and running, you’re losing money. Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning works hard to adhere to a schedule that minimizes the downtime of your kitchen or business! We can come late at night or early in the morning or whenever works to get your kitchen inspected and hood cleaned for better operation. 

24/7 Emergency Service 

No one can eliminate all risk and even as regular maintenance lowers the risk of fire or accident in your commercial kitchen, knowing you have access to emergency services is a huge benefit! Our team remains just a phone call away if you’ve had a fire or accident and need one of our technicians to get things back in order. 

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Creating a customized maintenance plan for your home or business is a vital aspect of what our team does for you! Give us a call today to get started with an estimate and customized schedule with Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning! 

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