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Fire Extinguisher Service and Maintenance

While it may feel like your fire extinguisher is just one more piece of the décor, it’s a valuable tool for any kitchen, restaurant, or food service business! A charged and easily accessible fire extinguisher is the best way to fight a grease, electrical, or any other type of fire anywhere on your property. This small piece of equipment can stop a major issue from getting out of hand! 

Rather than buy a new fire extinguisher every year, get in touch with Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning! Our team is ready to make sure all of your fire extinguishers are up to code and protecting your business the way it should. 

Fire Extinguisher Services

In addition to being a great way to help prevent the spread of a fire, California code also requires an extinguisher to be placed in all commercial businesses. These businesses must be inspected in order to comply with the code and all that inspection must be done by a licensed company. 

Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning has been in this industry and following along with the California codes for years and we’re ready to help you remain in compliance. No matter what or where you need to put your fire extinguishers, we’ve got ones that will comply with the code and the space. 

The first thing our team does when we need to help you make a decision about your fire extinguishers is get a free estimate finished at your place of business. This helps you budget appropriately and ensures that there are no surprises later on! 

Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning fire extinguisher services: 

  • New and used fire extinguisher sales 
  • Fire extinguisher servicing and recharge 
  • Fire extinguisher inspections 

New and Used Fire Extinguisher Sales

No one wants to think about having to deal with a fire at their place of business but in order to be appropriately prepared, you’ll need a plan. We can help you determine the right fire extinguisher, new, used, or a recharge, that will work best at your business! 

As we assess the type of fire that would most commonly occur at your business, we can offer a suggestion and estimate of the cost and type you’d need. In order to make sure everything is as accessible as possible for anyone in and around Berkley, our team installs portable fire extinguisher cabinets. 

Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning offers a wide variety of fire extinguishers including: 

  • ABC dry chemical (class A, B, and C) 
  • These are used on three different types of fires. Class A is used for ordinary combustibles like paper or wood. Class B is for flammable liquid fires like grease or gasoline. Class C is for electrical fires. 
  • BC dry chemical 
  • These are rated for any fires that are caused by flammable liquids, pressurized gases, or electrical rooms. 
  • Class K 
  • These are specifically designed to be used at the same time as wet chemical kitchen hood fire suppression systems. 
  • Halon/Halotron 
  • These are designed to be used near electronic data and equipment to keep the data intact after the fire is out. 
  • CO2 
  • These are used for class B flammable liquids and class C electrical fires as they are actually non-conductive. This is also the best option for when personnel are present as it’s non-contaminating and clean. 
  • Class D 
  • These are used specifically for metal fires and prevents anyone from inhaling toxic fumes which can be caused by the burning metal. 

Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Recharge

Every fire extinguisher needs to be regularly serviced and inspected for any commercial business in or around Berkley! Once a fire extinguisher has been used, it needs to be recharged in order to make sure it will operate correctly again. 

Some extinguishers will need to be completely taken apart and pressure tested to get it back online but to make it easy for you we come to your place of business and refill and recharge there! You can simply give us a call to schedule your servicing in or around Berkley and we’ll make sure your extinguisher is ready to go! 

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Keeping your business up to code requires a lot of moving piece to all be in sync. With Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning, you can schedule your inspections on your time and at the correct pace for your business! Not only do we offer annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly inspections but you can also opt for a custom scheduled inspection. 

At the end of each inspection we put an annual inspection tag certifying that the extinguisher passed the process with our company. Any extinguishers that don’t pass the inspection are disposed of by our team, free of charge! 

To get started on your inspection routine, give the team at Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning a call! 

Contact Us Today!

Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning is proud to serve the entire community and continue to protect you and your business! Throughout the years and across Berkley, our services have been trusted most to protect business and homes with fire extinguishers and fire protection. 

Included in our fire protection services: 

  • Kitchen fire suppression services 
  • Fire sprinkler services 
  • Hood cleaning 

Give us a call today to partner with Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning to keep your business protected and up to date! 

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