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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Investing in a sprinkler system is one of the best things you can do for your business or home! Instead of trying to do it yourself, you’ll want to get partnered up with Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning and let us do the hard work for you. 

Each of our fire sprinkler system technicians are licensed and certified so everything is done within OSHA compliance. From the design to installation, inspections and repairs, everything is handled in-house with our team of experts! 

In addition to regularly scheduled calls, installations and repairs, our entire team is available day or night for emergency calls. Give us a call to get on the schedule with Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning! 

Our Fire Sprinkler Services

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and when it comes to installing a sprinkler system in your commercial business, this simple act could save you big time! A fire sprinkler system, when properly installed will trigger when the rising temperature of the room reaches the links. At the same time, an alarm is activated and the local fire department will be called to your location. 

But these fire sprinklers need to be installed by a professional! That’s where Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning comes in to the picture. Our systems and services are specifically designed to protect the lives and property of each of our clients! 

Our fire sprinkler services include: 

  • Installations 
  • Repairs 
  • Inspection and testing 

Fire Sprinkler System Installation

There are a lot of things you do for yourself when operating your business or renovating your home. But when you need to make sure the job is done right and the safety of your building and family are at stake, it’s best to leave the installation to the experts! Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning has years of experience in fire sprinkler system installation and we can make sure your home or business is equipped for any emergency. 

Our services include: 

  • Working within your budget 
  • Feasibility planning 
  • 3-D coordination 
  • Full-integration into your existing systems 

Working with a team is important in your business and in life and we strive to work with a wide variety of individuals to make sure your property is safe. Throughout our years in this industry we’ve become experts at working with architects, owners, and contractors so your fire system is compliant with all standards and well-integrated into your property! 

No matter where you live or work in or around Berkley, we’re here to make sure your fire sprinkler installation and design makes sense in your space. Get in touch with our team today to get started making your business safe, secure, and keeping with the flow! 

Fire Sprinkler Repair Services

While it may not seem like a big deal to have a non-operational fire sprinkler, in an emergency it can mean the difference between life and death! To make sure you’re ready in any type of situation, our team at Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning can keep your fire sprinklers in good repair. 

The most common problem your previously installed fire sprinklers will encounter is corrosion and our team of licensed technicians knows how to spot issues and correct them before you need your sprinkler. We work with you to set up a timeline of regular inspections so corrosion never becomes an issue! 

As your fire sprinkler system ages, parts and components can begin to fail. To make sure inspections happen around your busy schedule we start with an on-site estimate. Whether you need just a few pieces replaced or an entire floor repiped, Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning can ensure you’re ready in any emergency. 

But a fire sprinkler isn’t a stand-alone part of your business protection! Included along with your sprinkler system are a total fire suppression system that keeps your home and business safe in an emergency. As our team takes care of your fire sprinklers, we also take a close look at the entire fire suppression system! 

Don’t just hope that your system will work in an emergency, know it will! Our team of professionals can make sure you’re on a good maintenance schedule so you can rely on your system! 

Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Testing

Your fire sprinkler isn’t something you spend tons of time thinking about but when you need it, you’ll definitely have it at the front of your mind! In order to stay compliant and keep your business or home safe, the team from Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning can get you on a comprehensive fire sprinkler inspection and testing routine. 

While there are many different times during the year that your fire sprinklers will need to be inspected and tested, our team works with you to create a program that fits your business schedule and timeline! All of our inspections and testing is custom-made for you after an on-site estimate from one of our team members.  

Our team at Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning can bring you maintenance and fire sprinkler testing including: 

  • Scheduled testing 
  • Annual testing 
  • 5-year testing 

Scheduled Testing

Every sprinkler system is subject to testing that makes sure it’s in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations. Our team provides on-demand testing that can cover our entire system or just basic testing! 

Businesses that are considered at-risk are subject to weekly, monthly, or quarterly testing and these service checks include: 

  • Inspection of gauges 
  • Inspection of alarm devices 
  • Inspection of hydraulic nameplate and fire department connections 

Annual Testing

Every fire sprinkler system needs to be inspected annually and our team can take care of all the details for you! 

Annual testing of your fire protection systems includes all areas of your system: 

  • Water flow tests 
  • Main drain tests 
  • Control valve tests 
  • Visual inspection of sprinklers and pipes 
  • Inspection of structural elements of the building 
  • Inspection and testing of alarm switches and fire department connections 
  • Inspection of gauges 
  • Inspection and trip test of entire fire sprinkler system 

5-Year Inspections

Fire sprinklers and fire protection systems in and around Berkley are required to undergo a 5-year test and our team can make it simple to stay on track! 

All of the other types of inspections are included in this one as well as: 

  • Physical inspection of all hoses, containers, and piping 
  • Testing of check valves on your fire sprinkler system 
  • Standpipe testing 
  • Internal pipe inspections 
  • Obstruction investigations 
  • Complete flush of your Fire Department Connection (FDC) 

Contact Us Today!

When you’re trying to protect your business or home, never wait until an accident occurs to get things right. With our team, safety and peace of mind are just a phone call away! 

Our team is licensed and has years of experience working with different businesses, fire protection systems, and schedules that are all over the place. We’ll work with you to create an inspection and maintenance schedule that works within your business timeline. To keep your business safe and in compliance with all regulations, give Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning a call today! 

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