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Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Kitchen fires happen often and can end up being a disaster for your business! Commercial kitchens are all required to have a fire suppression system installed to keep these issues to a minimum and your job as a business owner is to make sure these systems are maintained. Luckily, you’re not alone! Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning is here to help you keep your fire suppression system working the way it should. 

In addition to basic safety, keeping your kitchen fire suppression system in good working order is also required by law. Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning knows the local, state, and federal regulations for these suppression systems inside and out so we can make sure you’re not only safe but compliant! 

Our team is an industry-recognized expert in the total installation, maintenance, and design of NFPA-compliant commercial kitchen fire suppression systems. We’re authorized to deal with lots of different vendors so you’ll always have equipment that goes above and beyond for your commercial kitchen. Give Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning a call today to get started with an estimate for your business! 

What is a Fire Suppression System?

There are lots of ways that you look to protect your business and one of the simplest is to make sure your fire suppression system is working and well-maintained. Fire suppression systems can be activated by a pull station or an automated system that detects when a certain temperature threshold is reached. These suppression systems can quickly turn a potentially disastrous event into a minor setback for your kitchen. 

Fire suppression systems release wet chemical extinguishing agent that will quickly put out any fires. Each of the chemicals used in this suppression system is designed to react with grease which then creates a harmless soapy substance that won’t be reignited! Since these fire suppression systems are effective in a short time frame, your big, expensive kitchen equipment is saved and protected from burns and harmful smoke. 

Your fire suppression system will also shut of electricity and gas in your kitchen to make sure everything is safe once activated. The quick response time of your system saves you from additional damage that can cause delays in getting your kitchen back on line after an accident! 

Service On Your Schedule

Any delay in getting your kitchen up and running is lost revenue for your business. Our team at Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning works with you to create a customized schedule of repairs and testing for your fire suppression system that keep your doors open! 

Each scheduled maintenance plan works around your schedule with late night, early morning, and holiday service available from our team. We also offer 24/7 service that can cater to emergency needs in your commercial kitchen! 

Our Services

Our team is ready to provide the following kitchen suppression system services: 

  • Kitchen fire suppression installation 
  • Kitchen fire suppression repairs 
  • Kitchen fire suppression inspection 

Kitchen Hood Suppression Installation

Your commercial kitchen deserves the best protection available and when you invest in a kitchen hood suppression system from our team, you’ve got the best! Each of our technicians is knowledgeable about the different types of systems we have available and can give you advice on the best one to install in your kitchen. 

We offer these types of fire suppression systems: 

  • Ansul 
  • Kiddie 
  • Rangeguard 
  • Pyrochem 
  • Amerex 
  • Buckeye 

Our team does everything when it comes to your fire suppression installation! We start by working with you to design and plan the entire system. Then we obtain the permits, coordinate the installation, test, and offer the final inspection for your new system. 

Whether you’re adding in a totally new system or just upgrading your previous fire suppression system, our team at Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning can help you get the job done right so you can rest easy knowing your kitchen is safe! 

Kitchen Fire Suppression Repairs

While you likely don’t know all the ins and outs of your fire suppression system, you may have noticed some issues that need to be addressed within your system. When you need repairs done to your fire suppression system, give our team a call! 

If your system has been activated due to a recent fire, you’ll need to have a professional team recharge the pressurized cylinders to make sure your system will operate again when needed. Rather than waste time looking for a team that can do the correct repairs, Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning can get the job done fast! Then you can get back to business without any issues. 

Kitchen Fire Suppression Inspection

Inspections of fire suppression systems can slow down your business but this mandatory service helps ensure that your system will work when it’s most needed! You also need to adhere to a quality inspection schedule in order to avoid fines and remain operational here in Berkley. 

A full hood suppression system inspection includes: 

  • Visual inspection of installed nozzles, conduits, and detectors 
  • Internal inspection of non-pressurized tanks for corrosion and malfunction 
  • Secured piping 
  • Nozzle cleaning 
  • Checks of pressurized cylinder gauges and up-to-date hydrostatic tests 
  • Testing of the remote pull station and automatic actuation cycles 
  • Verification f electricity and gas cutoff 
  • Replacement of any components 
  • Testing of electrical interlocks 
  • Comprehensive reporting and recording of any deficiencies 

All of our inspections help you stay compliant with locally mandated codes, insurance requirements, National Fire Protection Association, American National Standards Institute, and the Standard UL 300. Our inspections are scheduled around your business hours so you won’t need to worry about scheduling the appointments as needed! 

Contact Us Today!

To get the most out of your fire suppression system, contact our team at Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning today! Our full-service inspections, installations, and repairs from certified and licensed fire protection contractors makes it easy to protect your business and kitchen. 

No matter what you need from fire extinguisher services to sprinkler and hood cleaning services, Berkley Fire Protection & Hood Cleaning is here to help! Simply give us a call today to set up an estimate and get started with the peace of mind that quality contracting for your kitchen brings! 

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